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Materiality assessment

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Social impact reporting & films

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Our approaches and methodologies

We are highly skilled in the development, use and interpretation of both established and bespoke methodologies. Our intent is always to draw out the most important questions to be answered and adopt, adapt or develop the most appropriate methodology in response.

  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 and Standards
  • Five-part Materiality Test
  • Integrated Reporting Framework
  • Results Based Accountability (RBA)
  • AA1000 & ASEA3000 Assurance Standards
  • Collective Impact
Harnessing technology

We are always seeking to identify new tools that can facilitate greater efficiency and impact. We harness technology when and where it is appropriate.


We offer MeetingSphere technology to make facilitated sessions and meetings more productive and engaging.  The technology enables groups to simultaneously input, organise, rate and rank ideas and encourges people to speak up and say what they think. Participants can leave the session with their own documented copy of outputs and genuinely feel like they were heard. It helps groups to align and achieve.

Data dashboards

We seek to support high performing organisations and sectors to understand the real-time impact of their effort. This is made possible through our use of emerging cloud based tools that make data dashboards of social outcomes possible. 

It is an exciting and necessary development and can be applied to small programs right through to whole sector perspectives.

If you want to know how technology could be utilised to support you, please contact us to learn more