About us

We support organisations to understand, communicate and transform their impact.

Think Impact started with a small group of sustainability specialists imagining we could make a living from making the world a better place.

We committed to doing just that.

Now, by helping organisations increase their capacity to understand and manage their social and environmental impact we directly contribute to thriving environments, resilient communities and an inclusive economy.

Our philosophy

‘Prosperity’ has traditionally been equated with the accumulation of wealth and material possessions. We are long overdue for a re-think of this ‘prosperity-as-usual’, and are actively defining a new prosperity that combines both wealth and wellbeing.

We move society towards this new prosperity by working collaboratively with others to understand, communicate and transform their impact.

A new prosperity that combines both wealth and wellbeing contributes to:

  • Thriving Environments
    Our climate and ecosystems are safer and healthier
  • Resilient Communities
    Our societies have reduced vulnerability and enhanced wellbeing
  • Inclusive Enterprises
    Our enterprises provides equitable access to opportunity for the benefit of all

Ross Wyatt

Ross is the founder of Think Impact and one of Australia’s leading social impact practitioners. He has spent many years advising industry, the community sector and government on impact measurement, strategy and policy and has an abiding commitment to supporting organisations to build value and performance through impact-led design.

Bringing extensive multi-sector experience to all assignments, having had leadership roles in industry, academia, not-for-profit and consulting, Ross is active in promoting thought leadership in the field of social impact and is a frequent author, contributor and facilitator of forums on the topic.

He is a founding member of the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA), an active contributor to the Australian Social and Market Research Society, and a senior judge in the Banksia Sustainability Awards. Ross is also a sought-after facilitator, and brings a personable manner, skilled technique, ability to ask the hard questions, and an unwavering focus on outcomes.

Phone: 0402 001 237
Email: ross@thinkimpact.com.au

Kevin Robbie

Kevin was most recently the CEO of United Way Australia and leads on mobilising individuals, business and funders to work collaboratively to tackle community disadvantage. Prior to this, Kevin was Executive Director at Social Ventures Australia for seven years. He is recognised as a thought-leader around innovative approaches to employment creation and the development and growth of innovative social ventures.

Kevin has a background of over 20 years in social change and is an acclaimed expert in social innovation, business-community collaboration, impact measurement, social enterprise development, leadership, strategic philanthropy and new approaches to commissioning public services. Prior to coming to Australia, he was Chief Executive of one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises, was an advisor to the Big Lottery Fund and both the Scottish and UK Governments where he authored a range of publications. Kevin has also served on a number of Government Advisory or Not-for-profit Boards in both Australia and the UK.

Phone: 0458 473 054
Email: kevin@thinkimpact.com.au

Suzi Young

Suzi is a highly experienced social impact consultant with a deep commitment for social equity and sustainable performance.  She advises organisations from diverse sectors including youth, disability, housing, water, community, energy, health, Government, food and manufacturing.

Suzi is an SROI Accredited Practitioner through Social Value International and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering, South East Asian history and economics.

This unique background combined with a passion for creating a positive legacy for future generations has led to a unique ability to combine systems-thinking, data analysis and behavioural economics to the understanding of social impact.

Phone: 0412 808 647
Email: suzi@thinkimpact.com.au

Amanda Nuttall

Amanda is a leading sustainability practitioner specialising in sustainability performance disclosure, integrated thinking and reporting, and social and environmental impact evaluation. Her passion for sustainable development led her from an early career in the finance sector to a new field where she could contribute to creating a better world.

Amanda has extensive experience in the development and use of the GRI sustainability reporting guidelines/standards. She is excited by the evolution of strategic corporate reporting and is active in exploring integrated thinking and disclosure. She is also highly experienced in the execution of sustainability reporting assurance under the AA1000 and the ASAE300 Assurance Standards.

Amanda is qualified as a Lead Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP). Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Business, a Master of Environment and a Graduate Certificate in Development Studies and has recently stepped down as the President of Environment Victoria.

Phone: 0448 588 023
Email: amanda@thinkimpact.com.au

Rebecca Cain

Rebecca is a highly skilled social impact practitioner and one of only three people in Australia qualified to deliver SROI training. She has been a key part of expanding social value measurement in the Australian marketplace and has 15 years of experience working within, and as a consultant to, the government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors on social and environmental issues and opportunities.

Rebecca’s areas of expertise include strategy development, policy analysis, program design, impact measurement, reporting and research. She has qualifications in public policy and commerce and a Masters in international and community development.   Her extensive experience in social and environmental impact measurement has put her in demand as a speaker, trainer and facilitator.

Rebecca loves to work with organisations, big and small, on topics including corporate-community partnerships, employee volunteering programs, Indigenous programs, youth literacy,  disability services, community revitalisation, aged care services and microfinance.

Phone: 0403 229 515
Email: rebecca@thinkimpact.com.au

Working with us

We are always on the lookout for dynamic, passionate and like minded people to join our team. If you have great skills and relevant experience that will enhance the Think Impact team, please get in touch for a chat.

Our Value Network partners

We believe the only way to make the world a better place is through a genuine commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement.

In order to deliver the best value for our clients, and deliver on our goals, we operate with a committed Value Network enabling us to harness the right skills, tools, approaches and relationships.

We are always looking to expand our Value Network. If you share an aligned purpose, relevant skills and/or complementary offerings please get in touch.