How can you capture the value created for people and the environment in your decision making and reporting? How do you design your programs and strategies with clarity and certainty around the impacts you will be having?

Social Return on Investment provides the answers.

Melbourne – Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 September 2019

About the course

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an internationally recognised approach for understanding and measuring the impacts of a program, organisation or policy. Through engaging with stakeholders, it is possible to identify the social, environmental and economic impacts generated, and place a financial value on this impact.

This 2-day SROI training course takes a practical and hands-on approach to providing you with the principles, method and tools to carry out an SROI analysis. It combines a thorough understanding of the theoretical background to SROI and its long-term benefits, with a step- by-step guide to conducting an SROI backed up by a range of practical group exercises. Training participants are provided with resources and templates to conduct your own SROI analysis.

This is your chance to learn from the leaders in social impact measurement. Think Impact’s approach extends beyond the methodology to introduce you to the tools and innovations tried and tested by our team of practitioners. These include software demonstrations and the use of film to communicate results.

Completion of this SROI training is a requirement for those wanting to become an accredited SROI practitioner. Other requirements include becoming a member of Social Value International and completing an SROI that meets the requirements of the SROI assurance process.

Who is this course for?

The course will be invaluable to:

  • Impact practitioners looking to conduct SROIs or manage team members or consultants to do so
  • Program managers seeking to enhance the client and impact focus of their activities
  • Measurement and evaluation practitioners seeking to enhance their impact measurement expertise
  • Organisations seeking to transform their culture and strategy around impact
  • Organisations pursuing opportunities in consumer directed care markets or impact investment that need to be able to measure client and government outcomes

Your trainers

Rebecca Cain is a SROI Accredited Practitioner and one of only three people in Australia qualified to deliver SROI training. She is a member of Social Value International’s panel of assessors for SROI report assurance and practitioner accreditation. Rebecca has been a key part of expanding social value measurement in the Australian marketplace and has 15 years of experience working within, and as a consultant to, the government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors on social and environmental issues and opportunities.

Suzi Young is a highly experienced social impact consultant with a deep commitment to social equity and sustainable performance. She is an SROI Accredited Practitioner through Social Value International and a member of Social Value International’s panel of assessors for SROI report assurance and practitioner accreditation. Suzi authored an SROI for Women’s Property Initiatives which was recognised for Excellence in Social Impact Measurement at the 2017 Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) Awards.

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Not for profit and community organisations $1265 including GST per person.
Government and corporate organisations $1694 including GST per person.

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